• Giving Youth the Gift of the Outdoors!

  • There are barriers to be overcome to connect youth with the outdoors:

    1. Affordability and Access. 
    2. Lack of Early Childhood Experiences. 
    3. Cultural Factors. 
    4. Discrimination.
    5. Concerns of Physical Safety.

    Source: Askew, Reyna, Walls, Margaret. " Diversity in the Great Outdoors: Is Everyone Welcome in America's Parks and Public Lands?", Resources for the Future, 24, May, 2019, https://www.resourcesmag.org/common-resources/diversity-in-the-great-outdoors-is-everyone-welcome-in-americas-parks-and-public-lands/


  • LIFTED Outdoors

    raises money for Outdoor Youth Organizations!

    We run check-out charity campaigns with sports retailers and give outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to give back and share their love for the outdoors!

  • Our Mission


    LIFTED Outdoors aims to lift youth to new heights by expanding and unifying the funding stream to organizations that offer outdoor youth enrichment programs.


    Obesity, increased screen-time, and mental health are serious problems that affect the youth of today. Outdoor activities and fostering a connection to nature are solutions to these problems. However, with the high cost of gear and lack of experience and understanding of how to stay safe outside, getting outdoors can be difficult for inner city and lower income families. LIFTED Outdoors aims to increase the budgets of outdoor youth organizations so they can offer more programs and give more youth the enjoyment of feeling 'lifted' outdoors.


    LIFTED Outdoors is creating a new fundraising stream for outdoor youth organizations through check-out charity campaigns at sports retailers. Check-out charity or point-of-sale campaigns have proven very successful for organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network which was able to raise ~$3MM in one year through their campaigns at Walmart. LO will capitalize on this proven strategy by hosting fundraising events at stores that want to get more people outside and patrons that understand what a gift it is to be outdoors. LO will keep 4% of funds raised to cover operating costs. LO campaigns provide a way for stores and outdoor enthusiasts to give back and to promote children's health and wellness by getting kids outside!

  • Who Benefits?

    Youth & Outdoor Industry, Non-profits, Enthusiasts


    Build A connection and Love for the Outdoors

    • Lower the obesity rate
    • Build a connection to nature
    • Decrease passive time w/electronic devices
    • Build self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills
    • Create a life long impact 

    Outdoor Industry

    Spread THE PASSION

    • Support more organizations that align with your mission
    • Help non-profits thrive without impacting your bottom line
    • Increase and diversify your market base
    • Charitable giving boosts employee and customer morale 
    • Increase your market presence 

    Outdoor Organizations

    All Boats Rise

    • New fundraising revenue source
    • Sustain existing programs
    • Allow to expand initiatives
    • Provides opportunities for new organizations
  • Give the Gift

    of the Outdoors!

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  • Outdoor Youth Organizations We Support

    The amazing people that make it happen!

    Kingdom Kids is a charitable foundation dedicated to the betterment of the children of the Northeast Kingdom. We endeavor to enrich children’s lives by establishing an avenue for personal discovery; a chance to enhance self-esteem, and provide new and different opportunities through participation in outdoor recreation activities; including, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking.

    Teens to Trails helps high school schools and community organizations incorporate the outdoors into daily life and run Outing Clubs which connect students with life-changing outdoor experiences. The greatest barriers to getting outside are TIME, SKILLS, GEAR and MONEY. We breach these barriers, boosting the resilience and having fun with hundreds of students by providing resources, outdoor programs, gear, and grants to over 30 high schools in a dozen counties in Maine, generating 15,000+ hours of outdoor time each school year!

    The Venture Out Program has been leading Queer Youth Backpacking trips since 2015, deep in the woods and mountains of New England. Youth return year after year to deepen their relationship to the outdoors and sleep under the stars. Campers learn the foundational skills of packing, map reading, camp set-up, backcountry cooking, and more! All gear and food included; scholarships available.

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  • The People

    Joy Massicotte


    I started skiing at a young age because it was important to my father that we were involved in outdoor sports. He somehow managed to get me and my 6 siblings up to the mountains and on the slopes. This upbringing fostered a deep respect for our environment that led me to pursue a Masters of Science in Natural Resource Management from the University of New Hampshire and paved the way for a career promoting sustainability and clean energy.


    I am now going back to my roots as President and Co-founder of LIFTED Outdoors because I truly believe that every individual needs a way to connect with their natural environment. I am grateful for my connection to the outdoors as it nurtures my confidence and core belief that anything is possible.


    Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel LIFTED Outdoors!

    Elena Sereiviene

    Nature Is MY Home - Sustainability is my passion

    I love long walks in the woods, mountain biking and snowshoeing. I am passionate about environmental issues. You can learn more about me on my Instagram.

    Antoine Mouchati

    Find ME SKIING!

    My earliest memories of being in nature include getting lost in the woods behind my parents’ house; and of course, skiing. I’m grateful for being introduced to the outdoors at such a young age. The ability to enjoy, navigate, and respect the outdoors plays a huge part in who I am today. Learning self-confidence, resilience, and looking at the world beyond our immediate friends, family, and community establishes a basis for a productive and happy life. Sharing my love for the outdoors and developing new outdoor enthusiasts is an effort I believe is important to the protection of our environmental resources.

    Matthias Bohler

    Canoeing is freedom - Nature is LIFE!

    One of my bucket list trips is to canoe the Peel River Wilderness area in the Yukon!   I love the outdoors and exploring remote and wild places. I feel strongly that our connection with the natural world and special places is vitally important to all of us - particularly for young people. The thrill of skiing and riding are great activities for young people and promotes their connection with the outdoors. New England outdoor sports serve as a great pathway for young minds to onramp onto the wonder and appreciation of the natural world and healthy active lifestyle.   More about me...I graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Geography. I live in Amesbury, MA with my wife, 15 year old son and rescue dog - Xena.  

    Norris Johnson


    Growing up on the East Coast (Ice Coast) wasn’t always easy; however, give it time and you end up as the best skier on the mountain. My passion for the outdoors drove me from a desk into a tiny house, adventuring all the way to Alaska on a wild journey. Now back in the East, I'm crushing it remotely in a secret location. When found you can see me skinning up mountains with my canine sidekick, slacklining on beaches, or exploring the side country with my mates.

    Amy Peltier-McGee

    Every Day is an Adventure!

    My family and I have the great privilege to live close to hikes, rivers, and lakes which we frequent often! My two little ones thrive in the outdoors! My life has been devoted to working for social justice and equality. I served as a Public Defender for over a decade and am now serving as an Executive Director of an organization that gives students in an impoverished area job-ready skills. Being part of LIFTED Outdoors fulfills my desire to give all families the resources they need to access the gift of the outdoors!